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Belle does not like it when people try to ruin Roleplay Wednesday

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♠ The Evil Queen’s Wardrobe + colors: blue

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Domestic bliss.

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why are there no posts about me on this 

this is an outrage

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Everyone Deserves The Chance to Fly | @yourjilliangraham


Elphaba let out a small breath as Jillian accepted the handshake. That was definitely a first. She usually, especially during her years at Shiz, would offer a handshake just to be polite, but it was usually never accepted (due to obvious reasons.) 

"Where were you planning to go? If you were planning to go anywhere at all?" Elphaba inquired, stretching out her hands and leaning them onto her broom, shifting her weigh to her left wrist; Chistery flying off her shoulder and beginning to simply fly through the air mindlessly; always getting tired after a few minutes of being on the ground.

She sighed at the question, how to explain this? “Well I wasn’t planning on going anywhere. My um….my ex who I mentioned before is um….shes a witch who rules as queen over our land” she explained. “A rather…bitter woman. She cast a curse over our land to send everyone in the realm to a land without magic” she said. 

"But I…I don’t know what happened. I’m not supposed to be here. Obviously this world has magic, that became pretty damn clear when I saw you two" she said, motioning to the other woman. 

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Everyone Deserves The Chance to Fly | @yourjilliangraham


Elphaba’s eyebrows narrowed in confusion as the woman talked of this ‘Regina.’ She looked down at Chistery, the monkey lifting his head as well to look at Elphaba; tilting his head with a confused chatter, motioning one of his fingers. Elphaba shrugged her shoulders. She then looked back to the brunette, who was just beginning to calm down. 

"It’s okay. You’re not the first person to drop in out of a tornado; you’re just the first person to come alone and not with a house in tow." She laughed, waving her hand to lower the broom a bit, becoming eye to eye with the brunette. "Lovely to meet you Jillian." She extended a verdant hand to the girl with a smile. "Thropp. Elphaba Thropp." The monkey then flying up and perching himself upon her shoulder as if he were a bird. "And this is Chistery." 

She looked at the green hand held out to her and felt no fear of her, was anyone afraid of such skin? She took her hand without hesitation and shook it. “Its nice to meet you Elphaba” she said. She was almost surprised at how soft her hand was, she didn’t know what she was expecting but she found she liked the feeling of it in her own.

She looked up at the monkey and simply nodded “I can see that” she said, looking back at the woman before her. Why did she find such beauty in a face like jade? But she did, a tiny smile gracing her pretty pink lips. 

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Don’t you remember your Jilly Bean?

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