Sentence Meme [ Leverage: Season 1 Edition ]


• ”You’re precisely why I work alone.”
• ”How many plans do we have? Is there like a plan M?”
• ”All right, let’s go break the law just one more time.”
• ”He tried to kill us.”
• ”More importantly, he didn’t pay us.”
• ”What’s in it for me?”
• ”There’s something wrong with you.”
• ”I’m just very good at what I do.”
• ”Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”
• ”I’m a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.”
• ”Well, somebody got to fight the injured, shoot, that’s my niche.”
• ”As long as I don’t have to do anything immoral.”
• ”No, absolutely not. No, I just need you to figure out how to…fake a miracle.”
• ”Look, look… look man, you’re lucky on this deadline, I didn’t give you a baking soda volcano.”
• ”The truth? The truth is what I say it is.”
• ”Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.”
• ”People are like knives. Everything’s in context.”
• ”Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?”
• ”It’s like a placebo effect. It’s not really working, but it makes you feel better anyway.”
• ”You bailed on the job because you were up all night playing a game?”
• ”Death haunts us every day, no matter where we are.”
• ”I had fortune cookies for breakfast.”
• ”Somebody find me a brain.”
• ”Oh yeah, he’s definitely getting creepier.”
• ”Don’t get mad, but…I may have spilled slushie in your car.”
• ”I’m not-don’t try to change the subject!”
• ”I was aiming for his leg.”
• ”You want me to kick it?”
• ”I’ma go and… freshen up a little bit. Maybe cry a little.”
• ”Everything I learned about people, I learned ringing doorbells and in a bow tie.”
• ”Jumping from a sky scraper, she’s cool. But making small talk, it’s like pure terror.”
• ”I literally cannot make this slower or any more boring. Okay?”
• ”You know why they say Justice wears a blindfold? So you can’t see that Justice is asleep.”
• ”I am sure there’s reservoirs of boring you have yet to plumb.”
• ”Are you here to kill me, [name]?”
• ”Hey, [name]. I got some dental work with your name on it.”
• ”What do you say we hook up so I can give it to you?”
• ”You were all trying to solve your version of the crime instead of just trying to… solve the crime.”
• ”There’s a reason we work together.”
• ”You actually expect this to work?”
• ”No, you’re supposed to say “Wow, that’s just crazy enough to work!”“
• ”Incredibly, chance does seem to bend itself to his bizarre machinations.”
• ”That’s his superpower.”
• ”Screw therapy! That felt really good.”
• ”So, you know your entire plan depended on me being a self-serving, utter bastard.”
• ”Yeah, that’s a stretch.”

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Excuse me while I ship River Song and Irene Adler so hard my ovaries burst

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                     Guy pulled her as close as he could in that soft kiss. Something suddenly settled in his stomach. It pulled together in a painful anticipation of what was to come. It could not be good. Slowly he pulled away, only is forehead still resting against her. He felt so sorry. She was his wife. What did he do to her? To them. He might have killed them, ruined her life, her reputation.

                      “I love you, Jillian. So much.”

     When he pulled away from the kiss to rest his forehead on hers she smiled softly, she could almost see the gears and the worry churning in his head-she felt the same. “I love you too Guy” she whispered, closing her eyes as she let out a deep breath. What had they done?


     Three days, three days that held some level of peace for the couple. Three days of stolen kisses, hidden looks, and hope. So much hope that for once in their lives something would actually go their way and her father would approve of their wish to marry. And it was three days later that she sat in her room reading and was brought a letter with her father’s seal on it. She couldn’t wait for Guy to come home to open it so as she tucked her legs under herself, not bothering to shut her bedroom door she ripped open the letter. 

     As she read through her father’s messy hand writing, the hope in her heart slowly died and her eyes brimmed with tears. Not only had he disapproved of her affections for the dark knight because he wasn’t of noble blood but because Vaisey had beaten them to the punch and asked for her hand in marriage. And her foolish father was actually considering it. And she knew her father well enough to know that meant that if he had his way she would belong to that pig of a man. 

     Tears were rolling down her face as the letter shook in her hands and her tears fell onto the page, smearing the ink. It was all over, they were doomed. 

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Jillian had never been a part of the plan. She had crashed into her life, uninvited,
an absolute time bomb that threatened to both consume and destroy everything
that she had worked so hard for. So Irene cut her out like she was nothing more 
than a nasty little tumor, something to be erased. Of course, things were never 
that easy. That was the folly of the heart. It knows nothing about rationality, a 
slave to its most base desires. “I remember the red dress,” she said softly, lips
curving in a small smile “You always did say it was one of your favorites. And 
oh, how you just loved to see me in red.”

When Jillian splayed a hand over her chest, Irene arched her back into it just
a little, forcing her soft touch to side lower onto a full breast. “You claim to be
able to read me, so well, and perhaps you can to a fashion. Do you truly
believe I sought to deceive you, the whole time we were intimate? That all of 
those moans, the screams, the sighs, were rehearsed?” Pausing, she tilted 
her head to the side “You seek to elicit guilt from me, but you were the one 
handing your heart over on a silver platter to a woman who is paid to make
people feel things. If you expect me to have any remorse, I don’t. My mind 
doesn’t work that way, Jillian. I gave you all you wanted, all you needed, 
and so much more than you ever paid for. So be a dear and stop with the
little jaunt down memory lane.”

As Jillian stepped closer, ever closer, Irene leaned in to press a soft, sweet
kiss to her lips. “You speak of my love like its a poison. As if, by cutting me 
out, you can recover…we both know you will love me, want me, need me, 
until the stars burn out. These words? They mean NOTHING. They never 
do, because in the end you find your way back to me like a lost puppy.” 
Cradling her cheek in a delicate grip, Irene rested their foreheads together.
"Besides, if you let go, who will be left to love me so completely? Enough
of this silliness. When all this is over, you and I? We won’t be done. We 
never will be.”

     ”Can you not see why I speak of your love in such a way? Because it ruined me! Irene…my love for you ruined my life!” she hissed finally and pulled her hand away completely, knowing that touching her would only make it harder. “Do you have any idea what its like to love someone whose love is for sale? Do you?” she demanded shakily. “Someone who can be rented by anyone with enough money, to love someone you know you will never truly have all of?” she asked. “It is a fate worse than death, and trust me I have felt the pain of death many times” she said and turned away from her frustrated. 

     ”I am not just some human you can fool with Irene and you know that! I am a Time Lord for Gods sake! I have lived for over eight hundred years and I promised myself that after I watched my home planet burn I would never let anyone else into my hearts again! Never! And then I met you and…” she turned around to look at her once more. “And I never thought I could know anyone more beautiful than you. And it killed me, I hated myself for even wanting to look at you again! I lived by the same rule for my whole life, never have anything in my life I can’t walk away from at a moments notice! But you…you I never knew how to walk away from” she breathed.

     ”I don’t want to love you” she said as she looked up into her eyes. “Because I know that the only reason you do and say what you do is because I am a toy to you, you do not love me. And if you know how to love then such a feeling isn’t for me is it?” she asked crossly and stared hard into her eyes. “I want to be done with you…and after this I will be. Because…I can’t take it anymore!” she shouted. “You think a broken heart is bad? Pity the fool with two”

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(because Jilly misses Zelena so bad) Jillian wandered down through the house after waking up shakily in the middle of the night, eyes watery as she stumbled into the kitchen "Z-Zelena..." she said softly



Zelena sat in the kitchen, fixated on the swirling dark
tea as she stirred it with a spoon. Her head shot up as
she heard Jillian enter the kitchen and a  smile immediately
graced her lips.



Soon after she registered the distress in Jillian’s voice and the 
sheen of tears in her eyes, and Zelena’s brows creased with worry.

"What is it? What’s wrong?"


"Oh, Jillian." 


She closed her eyes while wrapping her arms around
Jillian and holding her close. It hurt to see Jillian upset
and she would do anything to make it stop. That’s what 
pained Zelena so much about Jillian’s nightmares- they
were something she had no control over. She was powerless.

"I-I though those had stopped ages ago. Dear, I’m sorry.
Would you care to tell me about it?”

     She shook her head “They never did, I…I just told you that so you wouldn’t worry” she admitted and hugged her tightly. “It was what it always was…Regina doing horrible things to you” she said and pulled her head from her neck to look at her, touching her face as if to be sure she was real. 

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Bending people to her will was what Irene did best. Establishing an
emotional connection, a dependence, an addiction, getting beneath 
their skin like a splinter and slow spreading her poison through them 
piece by piece until all was left was a distorted reflection of herself in
a hollow shell. She took pleasure from it, leading people into her web,
but when a genuine bond formed it threatened the empire she had built
for herself. So she closed off. Pulled away. Shut down.


Leaning into the soft caress of her fingers like a kitten, she sighed softly.
"I know so few things with any certainty…but I am sure you loved me then.
 You love me still,” it was her insurance. “You won’t allow them to take me.”

Perhaps the statement was bolder than she intended it to be, not the usual
purred seductions she plied her prey with, but nonetheless, she hoped it 
struck a chord. When Jillian’s hands wrapped around her throat, manipulating
her into making eye contact, she dd not resist, completely at ease.

"If you want to be the one to kill me, darling, I’d understand…but I think you’d
 much rather help me…think how grateful I would be.”

     She laughed bitterly “You’re right, I do love you. I’ve loved you since the day I first saw you. At a party we both snuck into and I thought I wouldn’t talk to anyone there, just get what I came for and leave. But there you were, trying to blend in while wearing a bright red dress in a room full of black white” she said with a soft and sad laugh. “Your hair was up like it always was, never down unless it had to be and that night it didn’t have to be. I lost the information I came for because staring and you got me caught…falling in love with you always did have a way of getting me into trouble” she breathed.

     ”I’ve loved you for way too long, noticing things about you that I think even you didn’t. The fact that your tears may look convincing to any stranger but that I can tell the difference between these and your true tears. When you really cry your pupils are bigger and you blink more, because you are trying to keep your tears at bay-you hate crying real tears because it is a sign of weakness and emotion. You only ever cry when you need to, you force yourself not to blink because it causes you to tear up and your lip never trembles…when you really cry you bite your lip to force it not to tremble” she pointed out. “You think you are good at faking orgasms, and you are to some degree. But when you  are faking you arch your back and you dig your nails into my back so I can feel it. But I know that when you really do, your toes curl up and you get goose bumps” she said softly and the hand around her throat slide down to lay over her heart. “And your heart beats faster” she breathed.

     ”You always thought that love was a weakness, that it was either fake or useless. Well mine must be useless then because if it was fake it wouldn’t hurt this much to love you as much as I do” she said, getting so close that her nose brushed hers and she could damn near taste her breath. “I’ll save you, like I always do. But this is the last time. After this…I don’t ever wanna see you again” she said finally, something she had never said before. “My centuries old heart will give out from the pain of loving you if I do not learn to let go” she said and pulled her face away from hers. “So after this…I’m not your escape goat anymore. I’m not even your friend anymore….I’m just some broken hearted fool who should have known that your love came with a high and bitter price on it” 

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